Sadness Is Just Part Of The Story

Too beautiful not to share.

Which way?

Happy June!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but for whatever reason I have been putting it off. Anyways here it goes.

I think about life. A lot.

And then I feel like this
It’s kind of exhausting stressing over where I am ‘supposed’ to be, what I am ‘supposed’ to be doing, who I am ‘supposed’ to be hanging out with. You get the picture. To free my mind from this battle, I’ve been practicing letting things be.
No ruminating or over-analyzation aloud. Though it’s not always the easiest thing to do, it’s much nicer. You should try it.
Hold onto the things you value, the things that you are most passionate about and they’ll guide you to where you need to be.
The truth is there is nothing that anyone is supposed to be doing. We can fill our lives with what brings us joy without the burden of unnecessary obligations that fill our minds. Live simply, always do what is true to you.

Woah, crazy how time flies. It’s been a while since I posted. But I assure you I have still kept up with blogs I follow and  blogs I don’t follow. What can I say, I spend a lot of time reading about other peoples lives. I just never feel I have as much to share…
However, I think it’s important to mention that I still ❤ yoga.
It’s true.

Recently, I competed at the regional and national asana championships.
It was an awesome week filled with inspiration.
And now that it’s over, I’m incredibly sad, yet grateful for the joyous memories created.
Yoga provides me with a tremendous amount of happiness.
It changes the way I think about myself, others, and life.
It’s ridiculously addicting.
(in a good way)

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”
– Jason Crandell

So my posts are just kind of jumbles of random thoughts. Here’s a more structured post you might enjoy ( I did) about the similarities of yoga and blogging.


“That’s what’s so terrifying about letting go of the thing that has defined me for so long – I’m afraid that without it, I’ll crumple into a heap of nothingness on the floor.

But on the other hand, what if letting go is like being unshackled from leg irons that have been weighing you down? What if doing it makes you so light and free that you can fly?”

— Janie from Purge, Sarah Darer Littman

Getting real.


Things have not been going the greatest with my eating habits. I seem to have become dependent routines of exercise and eating that are too rigid. This rigidness leads to anxiety and holds me back from being free. Another problem I have succumbed to ‘let go’ at night and just eat. It doesn’t feel normal and I always end up feeling guilty. Is it too much? Is it reactive eating? Have I become a binge eater? These are the thoughts I’m left with to ponder. And in the meantime, work on changing routines. Because a life filled with worries is not one I want to live. I just want to have a good relationship with food, arrive at a happy medium. I hate to wallow in my sorrows, so I’m not going to. I’m going to make change.

Making me happy

Some things that fill me with a deep sense of joy, and these things I will be forever grateful for…
~Tea Meditating

Holding a warm cup of yogi egyptian licorice tea calms me. Whether I’m on my way to class, or enjoying a leisurely walk along the beach, I feel grounded. Aware of the present moment, simply with a cup of tea.


~Appreciating Nature

I feel lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And yet, it’s easy to forget about the natural beauty that surrounds me.  There’s an awesome park with hiking trails on campus that I walk through everyday. Lately, I’ve been taking the time to bask in all its glory.


~Meeting New People

My environmental studies course has a tutorial. Aka, I get to interact with other people. I love that slightly awkward stage of asking the basic questions: name, hometown, degree major. I also love the potential of making new friends.

And there you have it, a short and sweet trio of bliss.

Tell me: what’s bringing you joy?

What do you want to be?

Recently I was asked this question.
The question that seems to come up so much in the life of a 19 year old. With only months left of my teenage years I wonder, who have I become?
Or maybe more importantly, am I working towards who I want to become. I feel I can’t say for certain what that ‘who’ looks like so to say. All I know is that as a human being, I am forever changing in this journey we call life. And feel no need to live up to societies idealized version of success.

The truth is, I feel lost.
Running from the past, yet hiding from the future.
And maybe that’s okay.
Maybe it’s all part of learning who I am.

I am committed to being happy.

I am committed to finding my purpose.
I am committed to following my dream.