Kind Hearts Bless The Soul.

Yesterday was anything but ordinary

Instead of staying at home for the holiday monday[mother went to work=no ride]

I ventured out into the sunny fall day and made my way into town. Walking through orchards and making it to the highway I had a mental breakdown at the local fruit stand, full of tourists and locals picking up apples and the last of the pumpkins.

What was I doing going out all alone? I had no intentions, it was of pure boredom and wanting to get out of the house. I knew my mother would be upset, did i turn around?

No, I picked out the friendliest looking bunch of people and asked for a ride into town. Gosh, they must have thought I was crazy. a 17-year-old in tears wanting a 15 minute ride down the highway into town. But I did it and I must say it was worth it. I met some genuinely kind people who actually inspired me. I hope when im their age I will portray the sweetness to others that they showed to me.

Anyways I wont get into any more detail on that, but it truly showed me how someone can positively  affect you. one simple deed can give you a whole new outlook on life!

Anyone had an experience where a friendly stranger helped you out?


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