Lately my life has been filled with a lot of…

i Love waking up in the morning to the crisp fall air, so fresh, yet so sad that I’m not able to go on a run. At least not yet, not until my weight goes up. sigh.

I have been truck’in along with recovery, although its seems like I’m constantly eating. blah. Oh well , keep positive, thoughts and thinking.

I know I’m a little late, ohk maybe a lot late, but im gonna make me a pumpkin pie to share with the fam. I am NOT going to attempt a crust, so a pre-made one is waiting in the freezer. Love pumpkin 🙂 and its really healthy so i don’t feel so bad about having a slice. Hey, I’m gaining right? might as well enjoy it 😉

On another note, I’m almost finished my book -Harvesting the Heart- by Jodi Picoult[fav author]. And am looking to start a new one. Not sure which book to start next. I’ll be looking into that.


4 thoughts on “LIFE

  1. oooo i love jodi picoult, what is this one about? i’ve read quite a few of hers and have Vanishing Acts on my bookshelf right now. i love reading 🙂 xoxox

    • Its really compelling and hard to put down, It’s about the relationship of a couple and how their child brings them together.
      I haven’t read vanishing acts yet, but I have read almost all of her other books 🙂

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