HOORAY! for Autumn. I have just realized how much I love the fall. From the scenery to food to festive activities. This morning was a short hike in the park with my father♥.     So pretty. We walked through the majestic woods up to a beautiful lake view, had some fuel in the form of a cashew lara bar, asian pear and some pomegranatejuice. The we headed back through a windy mountain bike trail. Absolutely gorgeous. The fresh air did me well.

SUCK AT LOADING PICTURES –>I’m new at this. Maybe next time?


Went to outpatient. weight dropped slightly, they freaked. I’ll have to stay home from school some days to make sure I stick to my meal plan. Apparently, because of my metabolism, I’ll be needing a ridiculous amount of calories to maintain, let alone gain.
BOOSTplus! to the rescue. Not so fun.

But alas, tomorrow is a new day, it will bring new challenges, and new joys.           I’ve started a new book – Happiness – by M.Ricard. It’s very interesting written by a Buddhist monk who lives and works in Tibet and Nepal. “A revolutionary look at happiness, deep and tremendously engaging, from one of the most compelling voices on the subject.”

I look forward to reading more into it. The first few chapters have been very helpful in realizing what true happiness really is. I find i can almost relate every situation described in this book to my ed, and in that there is hope to recovery.


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  1. Thanks for the comment, guh! 🙂 I love autumn, too– my favorite season.. ‘though I also love winter. Sorry to hear about your drop in weight, but I know you’ll do the right thing and get it back!

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