Fighting through the storm.

Why must recovery be so frusterating?

;AKSHFP0234JIOTJOWEJMFLSJ2OTRKL!   <— anger through the keyboard.

Why can’t i just feel proud of gaining weight, cause it IS A GOOD THING.                          I’m not a failure for giving up ed, im getting my life back.                                                        My mom yelled at me enough today, and It think i got it through my thick skull that ed isn’t doing anything for me. I’ve followed this path too long my friends, It’s time to say good-bye, no matter how hard.

November 7th already? Whaaat! I’m normally not one to say time flies, but right now it seems like the weeks just buzz by like no bodies buisness. Have you been to starbucks recently, Christmas everything! Oh the little things that make me happy. I wonder when the snow will start to fall.


One thought on “Fighting through the storm.

  1. Hey! I just found your blog! I totally understand your “anger through the keyboard” at recovery. I know how hard it is (because i’m currently feeling the same way) but just try to remind yourself how strong you are (not how weak you are as ed tries to tell us)! You deserve to have your life back! But more importantly you deserve to have a life without ED bothering you all the time! Stay strong girl I know you can do this!! ❤

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