it’s christmastime


I am happy to be 100% i Christmas spirits. In one month it will be Christmas eve, hard to believe. Last Christmas seemed not so long ago, and although I was hoping to be a lot further along with recovery and my health this year, I am still positive about making this year to be the year of change. The year the true Laura will shine.

I have started by taking a break from school this week, I’m spending time at my dads place, and hes been working from home, while helping me get better.     I am so greatful for him, and my family for being with me though my struggles. I couldn’t do it without them.

I think Im finally making some headway in gaining weight at home, without inpatient treatment. I am realizing how to nourish my body at home without just going through the motions, eating whatever is put in front of me. I know being in inpatient has helped me a lot, but recovering while at home, though more challenging, feels more productive and successful at some points.

I’m sorry body for depriving you of this nutritious food for so long. How silly of me, carbs do the body wonders.

It’s snowing as i type, love snow, so so pretty. It’s magical how a blanket of white covering the earth can make it that much more stunning. Makes me want to snowboard, and go for winter mountain hikes! Which i will be able to do, beacause I am choosing to recover, I am choosing to live. Most of all this time of year is basketball season, that ed is making me miss out on. Oh how I miss it. I was thinking, however of asking the coach if there’s anyway i can still be part of the team, and play when I’m healthy. I’ll keep my hopes up.






4 thoughts on “it’s christmastime

  1. hey! first time commenter 🙂
    i lve xmas soooo much, like u i planned to be further in recovery by now, but we still have 4 weeks, so lets make each day count,

  2. I get in the Christmas spirit BIG time after Thanksgiving. I love this time of year! I think its so fabulous that you are making progress and able to be at home. Never forget the health you are trying to regain so you can stay focused. I bet its a huge blessing to go through that in the support of your own home.

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