I want a pet monkey.


 That’s all.

Isnt’ he cute?

I could really use a friend these days. Ever since going to IP twice my friendships have basically died. Now don’t get me wrong I have made the most amazing friends in IP and have remained in contact with them and am most happy when i get to visit with them. But, here at home, at school, in my town, I am a loner. My previous besties have gone on with their lives. Yes we still chit-chat at school, but do I ever see them outside of class? Besides the random house party I’ll go to. I’ve tried to ask them to hang out, but to me it seems they’re disinteressted. Ughh, this is my grad year, I am supposed to me having the time of my life, but the only real relationships I have[besides with family] is through my IP friends and of course blogs. Is that normal? I think not.

But I will stay positive, because maybe things will change, maybe by the end of the year my relationships will be stronger,closer. Maybe I will start to enjoy life, have fun, and laugh.

Me, and some of the most amazing people I have ever met.


5 thoughts on “friends

  1. Aw hun, i know things will turn around, itll take time, but u will find urslef with lots of friends as recovery progresses, i promise, u just have to put yourself out there! 🙂 im always here if u wana chat about stuff! xxx

  2. I know how this feels. But truly, once you start trying to make a bit more effort to talk to your old friends more, you will find that they have never really gone anywhere. I am trying to work on it, and it is hard, but it will be worth it in the end!
    Fo the time being, you have your IP friends, and you have lots of bloggers, anytime you need someone, don’t hesitate to contact me.
    I would love a pet monkey too!
    Stay strong xx

  3. My mom and dad had a pet monkey before they had kids! But it got really violent so they had to get rid of it…

  4. Don’t despair dear, it will be better. I know that you feel lonely, but the feeling will pass. As you get better and stronger, you will also get better with the social life, trust me. And the friends will come 😉

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