Once upon a lonely night

A teenage girl cam home from school, exhausted from two test of math and biology. She was in a grouchy mood, and resembled that of a famous green character from who-ville. Her mother was worried and suspicious asking, “what’s troubling you?’ She thought to herself, “I don’t know.” She stated, because she didn’t know, she was just troubled.

 What one does one do in time like these you ask? …………… why they put on their comfy clothes, do a litte yoga, pour a bowl of cereal, and turn on Grey’s Anatamy.

A little mcdreamy always makes me smile.




What helps you when your in a funk?


6 thoughts on “Once upon a lonely night

  1. I dont question my bad moods anymore, I just roll with the, and let them pass! i usually do the same thing, just watch telly, read a magazine, chill out 🙂

  2. I have yet to see this show that everyone seems to be obsessed with! Im thinking of getting the dvds and watching them over xmas brake!

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