Where I want to be

After a recent appointment with my lovely dietician I have come to realize the following…

I do NOT want to go into treatment again,  I cannot keep going week after week, staying at the same unhealthy weight.

Convincing myself that I’ll make up for it later, or I’ve already eaten enough, is not working.

 Oh and my cereal serious addiction is getting worse.


Recently loving frootloops.

They’re not that bad for you, right? Eh I need the sugar anyways.

“I’m dreamin’ of a white christmas…”


Makes everything so pretty! Sadly, the rain and warmer weather melts it into yucky slush. I guess ILl have to savour it as it comes.

Unfortunatly the last week of school = lots of tests and homework 😦 At least finals aren’t till end of January,

Also, need to get  on christmas shopping,. Im so indecisive and leave it to last minute! But im planning on making/baking a lot of gifts, so I wont spend so much & that way they see i put my heartandsoul into it.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays!       Off to bake, to the kitchen I go.


4 thoughts on “Where I want to be

  1. Hey Laura! Thanks for finding me! I look forward to reading more from you 🙂 Don’t worry– you’re not the only one who has to go Christmas shopping. I have a lot left to do. 🙂

  2. Honesty with yourself is the best policy! i love fruit loops, but theyre €10 a box here! im making jewelery for some people this year, i love homemade gifts, i might bake some cookies too! xx

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