I am free.

For 2 weeks at least. Winter break has arrived. Christmas is in 8 days. What?!

I wish I could say that I am free of anorexia, but it still is in my life, unfortunately. I can recover though, and no matter how long it takes, I am determined to do so.

I feel as though im stuck in a rut of wanting to be able to get better, but not putting forth the actions. I know i cannot keep waiting around for it to magically happen, but why is it so hard? I think of all the great things my life could be filled with if i could jsut get to a healthy weight and maintain. It seems so distant, and sometimes impossible to reach.

I know the right thing to do, and I must push forward. That’s what i keep telling myself at least. So, i still have hope. I just have to put in the effort and truly try to get better. No one can do that by myself.Anyways, I’v jsut finished my shopping for the blogger gift exchange, hosted by Tina @ faithfitnessfun.com. I hope they like it!

Im excited for more holiday baking, shopping, and festive activities. Hopefully snowboarding wil be one of them 🙂

Love to all ❤


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