The Pancake Catastrophe.

A simple morning awaking to make some coffee, a la french press. Dad insists having pancakes for breakfast, so I agree as he states, ‘the typical oatmeal is not helping you’. So, Aunt Jemima it is. Okay I think, this isn’t so bad, i mean I used to eat pancakes all the time when i was young, without a care in the world. Why does it seem like such a big deal today. Oh yeah, cause I have anorexia.

I don’t want to get in to detail. It was bad. I struggled a lot. And we argued. In the end i did end up having three pancakes with syrup, berries, and yogurt. And i survived. I will get through another day. I will recover and not have to live like this anymore.

It’s almost Christmas, and I don’t want to spend the holiday fighting with my parents about food.Ā  I have to be brave, and Just Do It. Overcome the fear. Fat is my friend. I’m gonna suck it up and eat what I have to eat. Reading other blogs are an inspiration, I mean look at all you runners out there training for marathons and whatnot! Baking delicious goods, and sharing with friends and family.



5 thoughts on “The Pancake Catastrophe.

  1. You’re right, you survived and you will survive another day, BUT you’re stronger! So carry that strength into tomorrow to help you face that days eating and beTing anorexia. Xxx

  2. Good job on eating the pancakes. And you’re right! You survived and you will recover. But you are already recovering bit by bit just by eating the pancakes today šŸ™‚
    Stay strong! ā¤

  3. There will be struggles definitely in this process. But you know what I see? That you pushed through it and recognize that you are okay. I hope that experience makes the next few holiday days better and easier for you. Never doubt your beauty, strength, and worth!

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