Over already

Ho Hum, It came and went so fast, as it does every year, Post-Christmas blues.


But It was fun while it lasted. I definatly had some great times spent filled with family, snow, food, gifts, baking, and I even went snowboarding!

I wonder where I will be next year at this time, the new year always brings thoughts about goals, and future accomplishments. But I’m trying to focus on right now, this moment of existing and making the most of it. I’m thankful for so many of the events and circumstances [good or bad] I was placed in in 2010, and none of them were carefully thought out or meticulously planned. But, have made my life all the better.

New years has never been a huge deal to me, I never have gone to a big party or celebration, most typical new years eve will be spent watching movies with my dad. I am okay with that. I don’t have any other plans, and in my recovery right now, its probably what’s best for me.

Anywho, I did have a nice picture of my xmas loot, but cannot upload them so I’ll share a simple list for those curious what santa left under the tree; lulu gistcard, burton tuque,chapters gift card mac eyeliner, starbucks gift card & coffee, some other randoms, and MONEY! [much needed, due to lack of job/savings]

I hit up the sales, it was crazy busy, and got myself a pair of  ‘energize pants’ you know the grey,white,black looks like a fuzzy tv screen ones? super comf.

As for the chapters card, I’m thinking of picking up “life without ed’ as it has been highly recommended. But, I also want a vegetarian cookbook. I need more variety! and as most of my meals are veggie, i need easy quick ideas. Any suggestions?

Ohhh, and one more random tidbit. I tried Wendy’s new sea salt fries. Go get some, now. Delish.

Hope All is Well. Keep fighting. & Enjoy the rest of the Holidays.



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