Oh hey new year, lets make this a good one, no more restricing, over-excersizing, and being anxious. How about having fun, enjoying life, and LIVING. Yes, there will be hard parts, but that’s natural. I’m not hoping for perfection, just some peace and joy.


New Years Goals:

1) Respect my body- this is a big one as it puts all my anorexia into one category. By the end of February, i hope to reach a healthy weight and maintain it. I am about 9 pounds away. There are other goals that I want to accomplish within recovery, but this sums it up.

2) University- I am still in the application process, but I want to choose the uni that’s right for me, and get accepted in to a program of most interest to me. Leaning towards science & medicine, I know it will be hard as it is a very competitive field. So, I have to stay on top of thing, and not freak out.

3) Job- I am in need of a job, I am almost 18 and need to start making my own money. Enough said.

4) Yoga- this goes along with my recovery, I love yoga and need to be healthy to do it. I recomended to start a teacher-training program before relapse, and will further look into my options.

These are just my thought on goals, I may add more/ change them. I normally don’t set resolutions/goals, but was inspired by them being posted on almost every blog i visit!

Hope everyone’s new year is going swell so far. 🙂

It’s dinna-time for me. Turkey burgers, yum!

UPDATE:BloggerGift Exchange; thank-you so much, Becca from ihearteggs! You are amazing I loved the card, so funny, and a lulugift card, i fee like you know me so well. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I hope you received your gift 🙂




7 thoughts on “2011

  1. I am 100% convinced that you will get where you want to be! I hope 2011 brings you all the things you want to have in your life

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