School has taken over my life. More specifically math and biology. Bio, i can handle, but math, that’s another story.


And to top it off, I had OP today, my weight dropped. Meal plan is huge, and I don’t know how I’m going to deal with it. Ughh, i feel like getting away, far away, from everything. But, ‘this too shall pass.’

Not much good newsfor me, but it has to turn around sometime, right?


4 thoughts on “school.

  1. hang in there laura-love!
    I know it sucks to have to eat so much but this what your body needs right now and you should honour it for this!
    thinking of you

  2. Keep going! You can do it despite how tough it is-you’re strong. I know how it feels-to want to get away from everything, but the feelings will subside. hang in there 🙂

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