On my mind.

Random post! Cause I have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon. It’s sunny today, finally. I have some hope that spring will come soon.

Anything & Everything I’m liking loving these days…

weheartit.com for giving me inspiring images to put on my blog, and that are just pretty to stare at.

wanting to bicycle in Denmark, in the snow.Just a minor thing.

    reading all of your lovely blogs, and getting comments on my own. :]

Thinking of graduation, it is coming up quick! & prom dress shopping, although I am in need of a date. :/
Applying to universities, and thinking knowing that is what i want to do, and will be doing come September, because I am pushing forth in my recovery.

haha, adorable gingerbread men.    Loving yoga, and yearning to become a teacher. Thinking of going in to a program spring break or summer.
Baking! what should i try this weekend? hmm.

    When the sun shines through,  in what was once a dark winter. & you can go for a walk without freezing your buns off.

      That is all for now, have a lovely weekend!

      What are you loving lately?

      Where should i look for a prom dress, and more importantly a date?  Just thinking ahead.



      8 thoughts on “On my mind.

      1. I love this idea :] I definitely love weheartit aswell, I can spend countless hours on there & tumblr!
        And yes! You will be at uni in september because you will beat this :] so inspiring!
        All the best girl

        rhiannon xo

      2. Love weheartit! I’m loving painting my nails dark wintery colours and planning what I’m going to do this summer when exams are over and the sun is here!

        x Hannah x

      3. We heart is is amazing! I am loving riding my bicycle, I am so thankful the snow has gone, I have a hybrid vintage bicycle, and I love her!
        You will go to university, we will be able to go at the same time!
        With prom, this year a girlfriend and I have decided we are going together (both after rocky breakups) this means we can make sure our dresses compliment each other, and no silly boys to worry about!
        When I had year 11 prom, I decided on the style(ish) and then shopped. Always look in the places you don’t think you will find one, the least suspecting places are always the best 🙂
        Stay strong

      4. I want to bicyle too!! come to germany and we’ll do it all the way to denmark 🙂 a little road trip

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