Thank-you Andrea for tagging meΒ  for the stylish blogger award! Cause you know, I’m just really stylish and all. haha.

So.. 7 things about me:

I am a Starbucks addict, literally. Although I have cut down recently, due to lack of $, I still buy their coffee to make at home. I know how to make/what is in most of the specialty drinks, and have personally taste tested almost everything on their menu. I would like a part time job, but they aren’t hiring. boo.

I am a very active person, and have loved all kinds of activities, mostly outdoors. Hiking, biking, running, swimming,kayaking,rock climbing, basketball, yoga. I love them, but ed has taken them away from me for the time being. I am determined to get all of them back.

I believe Vancouver BC is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So many amazing sites, events, and experiences have happened there for me. I hope to live there one day.

I have a cat and a dog. Grayem and Rosey. I love them though they may not love each other.

One of my dreams is to become a doctor. Possibly specializing in pediatrics, or even surgery. I’ve been interested for about 3 years, and am very much looking forward to university, and finding out if this is truly my passion.

I visited 5 countries in less than 2 weeks! It was a trip with my school, that I went on spring break of last year. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France. It was amazing! Unfortunately it contributed to my relapse. I hope to go back one day when I am healthy and happy.

I love all of your blogs, and it makes me smile when you take the time to read and comment. You all are amazing, just the way you are. πŸ™‚

& every blog i read has already been tagged, and i don’t want to be annoying and re-tag everyone. fair?

If only I could wake up to this every morning, wouldn’t that be lovely?





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  1. It would be wonderful to wake up to that!! Vancouver is so beautiful-I’m guessing you live nearby? πŸ™‚ I definitely think you are my other half-I want to be a pediatrician, love all those outdoor activities and am addicted to Starbucks coffee πŸ˜› haha. xoxo

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