reasons why i love the rain

It’s refreshing, invigorating, and makes the earth smell so fresh. Washing away the dirt, revitalizing growth, and leaving a clean, damp surface.

Walking in the rain provides a sense of peace. With an umbrella you can be sheltered form the storm. Or even better, face it head on and go without.

It remind me of the city where my fondest memories have been made, and takes me back to a place where i want to live.

It leaves with a rainbow of hope.

“Our soul would have no rainbow, if our eye’s had no tears”

2 thoughts on “reasons why i love the rain

  1. Oh! That’s so beautiful. I love the rain too, but your words describe it effortlessly perfect. I guess that’s why you love Vancouver, eh? Raining most of the time? 🙂

  2. Yes! In the summer heat when it starts to rain, that fresh, earthy smell is the best there is. I could stand there breathing it in for hours!

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