Yipee! & Boohoo.

I have just finished my final exam of semester one, Im halfway graduated. Only one more semester left. 5 more months and Im done. Yippee!

I really want to be on a warm beach somewhere, like this. Winter seems to be dragging on, these gloomy months of cloudy weather normally don’t bother me, but this year is different. It feels so blazeh, doom, and gloom. Nothing seems to be getting me excited.Boohoo.

I do however much enjoy reading your inspirational blogs. Then, I look at my own and realize I have something to work on–> my blog skills.

As of late, I am feeling rather isolated, i dont do much with my school friends, well because they are busy with their ativities and whenever I seem to try and get together with them its for a short time. This hasnt happened in a while, IĀ  am beggining to feel I have no true friends, except for the ones I have met during IP. I don’t know how to rebulid my friendships, make them stronger. And I live in a ver small town, so there isn’t a lot of people for me to meet to make new friends.

I realize a support sytem is key in recovery, and all i really have right now is my family, who are beyond fed up and frusterated with my illness.

I can only hope for a better future, and a happier life. The change has to start now, and it has to come from me. Throughts create actions, actions become reality.

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds.
It will get you nowhere.
Live by intuition and inspiration
and let your whole life be Revelation.

~ Eileen Caddy ~

3 thoughts on “Yipee! & Boohoo.

  1. Yay! Congrats on being halfway done šŸ™‚ The friendships are hard to rekindle, but there is university to look forward to, where new friendships will happen! Thank you for sharing that quote. It’s beautiful ā¤

  2. Hang in there girl! True friends will find their way to you one day or another:) Hey, at least you have the blog world! I just started my blog, and I’m really hoping to become tight with some of my fellow teen bloggers!

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