A day in the life…

As of late, my days are filled with mixed emotions and confusion. As I try to regain some health; or in other words: gain weight. My days have become the farthest from exciting. I sit, blog, read, paint, watch, eat.& repeat. Some life, huh?

I don’t know what to do? Honestly, when activity is limited, how can I make the most out of my days. Yes, I am asking you for suggestions. Please enlighten me so as I do not pull myself further into a level of insanity that hasn’t yet been reached.

At least while I was in IP I had people who were going through the same thing as I. Friends I could always talk to by my side. I feel alone, and scared. My parents are all I have and I do love them so, but It doesn’t seem like enough.

I know I’m on the path to freedom, but how am I supposed to survive the long and trecherous path?

6 thoughts on “A day in the life…

  1. Painting and blogging are both great creative outlets. Journaling in a physical journal was good for me along with going out of my way to spend time with other people. And I found that if I was volunteering and serving other people in some way I found that I thought less about myself. I’m not sure how much freedom you have to go out and do things right now, but getting involved with kiddos tends to brighten my day… maybe it will for you too?

    • Thanks!
      & yes I would love to volunteer and work with kids, but i do live in a small town with little opportunities for that sort of thing. I am looking into it though 🙂

  2. Those activities sound fun! But i hear ya- in tx all i did was knit and color and i was like bahhhhhh! Blogging was MY escape- I’m sure youll find one that works for you!

  3. I can understand how you feel, but I’m sure there are a lot of things to occupy your mind. For instance, download some stupid funny tv-show and watch episode after an episode with butt-load of popcorn 🙂 Then, get some good book, find a nice place in the nature and read. Painting is also nice and can be a fun thing to do. Maybe you could learn something, like some crafty thing, knitting can be useful 🙂

  4. I know how you feel because I am in the same situation you are. When activity is limited, yes it is hard, but there are so many things you can do with your mind and your hands that are so rewarding. Get lost in a good book,watch movies you’ve always wanted to see, explore the internet, learn something new (pottery? knitting? Origami?), go on Omegle.com and spend a few hours talking to strangers :P, call up a friend, play video games or a computer game (such as The Sims 3), take silly online quizzes, join a chat forum, play a musical instrument, etc. I’m sure there are so many things you would like to try if you just search your mind and put aside the Eating Disorder. Good luck and thanks for the comment on my page ❤

  5. Hey hun!
    I have been exactly where you are right now. It was completely brutal for me and I struggle beyond belief mentally. It was hard to believe at the time but sometimes beauty really is born from the ashes. I had to take the rest before I could really live again. I want you to know that it’s ok! and I’m here for you. Be patient with yourself and with recovery. This is just one stage and it will be over in a blink of an eye.
    This could be a great opportunity to teach youself a new instrument, maybe learn a new language? Painting is fantastic, I know I got pretty into drawing. If it’s nice where you live dude, take it outside. Take a strole, basque in the sun…I played a lot of frisbee golf. Now that I think about it, I honestly had to sit back, eat and wait. Just gain that weight and don’t hold back, you’ve got nothing to loose.
    The sooner you get yourself back, the sooner you can get out there in the world again.
    Find a good friend whose always been there for you, love on them. Love yourself. It’s all good.

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