third times a charm

Or so I hope. I will yet again be entering treatment. Weight restoration is the main goal, but also finding myself again, and learning to live.

I never wanted to be that girl, in and out of hospitals for her adolescence. I wanted to be recovered from my ed, leaving it as a distnat memory in the past.

But  I now know we don’t choose these things, we must battle whatever is put in front of us. In my case anorixia sneeks up every chance it gets and steals my life right out of my hands.

I have the chance to get it back, and I will.




My parents may think I am just trying to run away from my life, when really I am trying to create my life. I have goals for myself, and they cannot be attained while ed lingers around.

This time, treatment is for me.  I am going back to where I have started my recovery process twice now, then hopefully sooner than later, I will be transfered to a new facility. A place where the focus is not around family, but the individual, and there I will make strides in creating the future that I want so very much for myself.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support! You are all beautiful, never forget it ❤

4 thoughts on “third times a charm

  1. I really hope treatment works for you! You seem so determined to beat this, so keep fighting and you’ll find your life again, I know it 🙂

  2. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you overcome this struggle in your life. It’s such a horrible thing that we’ve suffered through and I don’t believe anyone on this planet deserves to endure such a tragedy. Really focus on being health and remember that you’re much more than the person people see on the outside. We all have wonderful qualities that make us unique and it goes much much further than a number on the scale or how much we eat. Stay strong and you’re in my prayers! ^^

  3. Beautiful Laura,
    Never lose hope. Hopefully third time will be the charm. You are so bright, so wonderful and so courageous that you can and will fight this and live life free! I know that you will never lose that hope 🙂
    Will be thinking of you.
    xoxo ❤

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