Life in treatment.


I had no clever ideas for a title, so it’s simply blunt. Here’s how it is in my treatment program, just cause I thought you’d want to know.

There’s a total of 14 beds. Right now there’s two empty ones, that I’m sure will be filled quickly. During the weekdays, Mon-Fri, everyone is involed in ‘program’ starting at 8 o’clock breakfast till 6 o’clock after dinner. Program consists of; 3meals and 3snacks, DBT,yoga, cooking group, open talk,arts&crafts, community meeting, nutrition group,school, and freetime. Evening and weekends are visiting hours. There’s a level system 1A-5E, all with different privaleges such as; serving meals, walks, and passes.

Right of the bat your faced with challenge foods. Completion is expected, otherwise bedrest.

This looks like the pizza i had for lunch today, along with veggies, juice, and an apple.

cereal is obviously my fav meal/snack here.

Ah yes, and they like to deprive you of coffee. I am going through some serious starbucks withdrawls.

I need my coffee!

The goal is 1 kilo per week[for gaining patients]. I have a huge-ass meal plan, and its gonna keep getting bigger. Scary.

Along the way you make amazing friendships that you never knew could exist.

That’s all I can think of for now. Drop a question if you want. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Life in treatment.

  1. I’m in a position where treatment is now a major option, almost inevitable unless I turn this thing around. It saddens me that the treatment I would receive doesn’t include as many activities as yours, it really sounds like a positive place for you to thrive and develop. You can do this, it will be scary, but you can!
    All my best xxx

  2. First off, I am sending you lots of love!

    You should be so proud of yourself, Laura, for looking after yourself, for knowing that you deserve to live and are worthy of freedom and happiness.

    I am at a crossroads – treatment is ‘closer’ than it has ever been before. This was really helpful to read, thank you (:

    You can do this, beautiful xxxx

  3. Hey Laura,

    Thank you for your sweet comment.

    I am so proud of you for taking the leap and going inpatient. It has to be such a difficult decision to make. You are in there though because you still have the chance to get your life back! Take it away from ed and reclaim it for yourself. This is a long process but so worthwhile. You CAN do it, girl!


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