Inner Strength

No treatment centre, therapy, or group work will ‘cure’ me. I must overcome the battle myself. To finally reach the freedom I’ve been searching for. To recover from anorexia and leave it in the past. To take my life into my own hands.

Now that I am weight restoring, and mentally figuring out who I am without anorexia, without being an inpatient, I need support. Any help with how you got through your days, or suggestions would be helpful!


14 thoughts on “Inner Strength

  1. I don tknow what help I can offer, but find something you love to do and will help you focus on other things than your weight and treatment if you can. šŸ™‚

    Thinking of you!

  2. Always think of your loved ones. Your friends, your family, your pets; they all love you dearly and don’t want to see bad things happen to you. Taking care of yourself makes them happy because then they’ll see you’re healthy and not hurting yourself anymore. Whenever I’m in a rut I think about how sad they would be if I was starving myself again and it usually helps to make better choices.

    If you ever need someone to talk to during a rough time, feel free to send me a message too!

  3. Hi dear.
    I know recovery is hard, been there. Well, not in impatient, but on my own. And I am still fighting the last crumbs of Ed, but trust me, the fight is worth it. And it is possible to become free of the disorder, and happy. The strenght is in you, and you are worth it. Life without Ed is wonderful, and you do exist without it. You are beautiful and amazing, and don’t let Ed tell you otherwise. If you need to talk, just email me, whenever you want.

  4. I’m not sure how good my advice will be, after leaving inpatient all I did was lie in bed and read Harry Potter for a month. But that was in part due to a bad reaction to a new med…so ignore that.

    Honestly, even though it may be somewhat abnormal, making a schedule helps me get through my days and avoid large spaces of idle time where I have no idea what to do and end up feeling anxious/exercising. Take the things that you like–for me it’s reading, talking to friends, writing, and volunteering–and find things you can do or places to go that incorporate them. It may seem lame, but I spend a lot of time at the library or on the phone with my friends (some of whom I met through the blogosphere!). I watch Ellen and Oprah and Jeopardy every day. I spend time doing homework or blogging or reading (like a FIEND! lol). I got to a meditative yoga class a couple times a week and look for events in my city to go to with friends or on my own.

    It’s hard…you have to find enough things to keep you busy and away from behaviors, but at the same time you can’t be TOO busy or else it becomes an excuse to avoid food. You need to find a healthy balance of activity and down time.

    hugs and best wishes

  5. This my love, is the hardest part, but I am so glad you are approaching this point! I am so proud of you!! It is really actually interesting while its scary to see what is going to unfold without anorexia, but life is beautiful and I am so excited for you!!

  6. Hugs. Believe in the inner strength that you have with you. That this post is about. Believe in the life that you will live after anorexia-because there is life after ed and it will be beautiful ā¤
    Believe that you are not alone, nor are you ever alone-believe that you can fight this.
    And most of all, believe in your own self-that you have are courageous, good, strong and beautiful. Thinking of you.

  7. Hi Laura,

    I once had to spend 3 months inpatient…ugh…I know it all well (but it was “hospital” vs. a true treatment center, so it was not a good experience for me.
    Gosh, I relate to being lost. I’m at an all-time low, and not sure how to cope. My days…my brain doesn’t concentrate…I’m always reading blogs or worrying about food choices (I am waiting for seeing outpatient services). I am, however, at a low enough weight to be legally put in hospital…so every day is a bit nerve-wraking for me…did you choose IP? Or put in there?
    Hang in there. I’m struggling too.

      • If you ever need or want to talk…I’m there. I’m at an all-time low and can’t even exercise. I’m basically a zombie that sleeps all day.
        YOU can do it. Keep going girl.

      • I’m so sorry to hear your at a low point right now. Thank-you for your support.
        I don’t know how much help I can be to you, but i really hope you can pull through, and find the strength to overcome this. [i know its not that easy]
        what’s the hardest right now?

  8. Laura I love you šŸ™‚ You are so so right, we are the only ones that can do this for ourselves, and I know you have that strength! You can do this šŸ™‚

    To occupy days, I like reading. It is calming šŸ™‚ crafts are great too!

    With you all the way!


  9. I am so proud of you. So, so, so proud of you.
    The steps you are now take are not going to be easy, but they will be just as important and worth it as those you’ve already taken. Remind yourself what you are fighting for, what you are working towards and what you are leaving behind. You work to change your existence from darkness to light, from death to life.
    You are the one responsible for your health, for realizing that you deserve good food, enough rest and happiness. ED will tell you otherwise, but there is no reason for you to believe it’s lies. We both know that.

    Some days your heart and soul will be filled with confusion, anxiety and deep fear – don’t let this make you doubt your own strength. It is a sign that you are still fighting, and that means you continue to do the right thing. Disobey ED.

    Thinking of you – allways here for you.


  10. Sweetie, I am so proud of you for battling through treatment, and then wanting to keep it up now you are out. I’m looking for activities to fill my day with too! I like to make a plan (much like taylor) and make it a ‘rough guide’ so my mum will put a few things that I can do to help around the house: Un-stack dishwasher, post letters etc. Then have hourly time slots for other things: Reading, writing, drawing, crafting, blogging. It helped me feel as if I had something to do. Now I really need to get myself back into it!
    You can do this girly šŸ™‚

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