I got in, now what?

I have to begin with a great big hug of thanks for your supportive comments! Reading each one really makes me smile, and reminds me to stay on track in recovery, that there is hope. 🙂

My main goal and focus for recovery is to go to univeresity, to go to med school, and to become a doctor. A bit to ambitious? Maybe, but that’s what I want to do. Now, the diffucult part is where do I begin? I got into the three universities I applied to. Decisions, decisions.

I narrowed it down to two; basically one’s a lot bigger, in a bigger city, the other has more of a community feel while still being a top university. I have till June 1st to decide…

If your in university, how did you choose where to go?

Anyways… I’ve been at home for a week now, and so far I can say it has been alright. It has kind of gone by in a blur of me job-searching, finishing up school, and running errands and whatnot with my mom. I feel stuck here in this small town, I miss the city! So I’m looking for a live-in nanny job for the summer. I have a friend who does this and she loves it. I want to give it a try cause I love kids, and need to make some mula, plus I’d be in the city. What do ya think?

Lately frozen yogurt has been my snack of choice, but its taking a toll on my wallet! It’s just so yummy. Can such deliciousness be homemade?

Unfortunatley I do have to admit that since being home, I’ve definatley have been taking in less calories than treatment, but I have caught on and am going to increase each day, so hopefully I’ll gain 1 pound per week. Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “I got in, now what?

  1. I love your goal (mainly because it’s the exact same as mine hehe) 🙂

    I definitely think you should go for the nanny job-especially if you want to be a doctor, all the experience you can get is wonderful.

    As for the university decision, for me, I really had no choice of university because my family has all gone to the same one (btw love the picture you have there haha)..If you want to be a doctor, I honestly don’t think it matters what the undergraduate degree is as long as the marks are there (unfortunate but true.) I think that a community feeling is important if you are good with that. A friend of mine goes to a small Catholic university but loves it because of the community, whereas I love the openness of the larger university because I feel more freedom and flexibility.
    Either way, I’m sure that they’re both wonderful schools.
    Good luck with the weight gain this week! Rooting for ya

  2. I am so excited for you! Make sure to be on watch (for yourself) because I am in my second month being home, and honestly I Have to say its still a struggle and its hard to make sure I get everything in without consciously making sure… so be on your game with that! But I really hope you get the nanny job, kids are so amazing!!

  3. I am working on choosing colleges as well, and I know how stressful it is! There is just so much pressure. But I have faith things will work out 🙂

    And I think I have seen people freeze flavored yogurt for froyo. worth a try maybe? I think I will try it!

  4. Snap with the ambitions 🙂
    I chose my unis on prestige, what style of teaching they used, whether I liked the city, whether I liked the university and all it had to offer.
    I think once I started getting the numbers down and really deciding, going to the place and looking around really helped. You will really get a gut instinct!
    Good luck with finding a job, but remember to always put yourself first 🙂

  5. Congrats on getting accepted to different schools! I think if you feel like you’re missing the city, then you should go with that school atmosphere. But I know I loved the smaller community feel too.

    Good luck with the nanny job. I had a friend who did that for some extra work all through college and loved it!

  6. being a nanny will be a great way to step outside of yourself. Having someone depend on you is a great thing to recover for. Also it helps you eat well because you’ll have to be a positive influence. I’m a camp counselor this summer and need to step up my eating for the same reason!!
    It’s great that you’re recognizing when you slip up or step back in your eating. Honesty is the best policy, be honest with others and with yourself. Ed is tricky! Also stay to your meal plan or a plan. I didn’t do this when I first got out of treatment and it is taking me longer to recover than I’d have liked.
    keep it up!!

  7. I chose my uni based on where I knew I’d get the best education for the field I was going into. Not to mention that my entire family had gone to the same college and it was just part of family tradition. 🙂

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