Matcha Melon Smoothie.

I recently discovered a fantastic creation, made yesterday morning for a snack-a-roo!

matcha-melon smoothie

blend together;
-half ripe banana
generous chunks of watermelon
-half cup vanilla soy milk
-half cup tazo green tea matcha latte concentrate-with honeydew essence
Looks somewhat like this.
Try It!


I may have found myself a summer job. 🙂
Yesterday I had an interview with a great family who are going consider me to be their nanny this summer!
Yes, that means I get to spend my days playing with two cutie-pies, its kind of my dream job.
I really hope I get it; I think it will be good for recovery too, as it will give me purpose. & of course I have to be a good role model for the kiddies.


What are your summer plans?


7 thoughts on “Matcha Melon Smoothie.

  1. Hi! I just found you blog and I want to tell you – keep up the good work. I know recovery is tough, but it is SO worth it.

    I love kids as well, and I wouldn’t mind being a nanny for the summer if the opportunity presented itself.

    As things stand now I’ll probably be waitressing – which is fine too 🙂

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