Another day

I woke up this morning with nothing on my agenda,
except to make my typical morning oats of course.

I spent way too long looking for a simple pic of oats, close enough.
{vanilla soy, oats, bluebs, dried figs} + coffee.

Nothing at all to do today. So maybe I’ll take a stroll to the local farmers market? Something to do. Ho Hum.
I have such an exciting life to blog about, don’t I?

I may have found an au-pair opportunity for the summer, in France. Hello dream job!
I just need some mula for the plain ticket. 🙂

That’s all for today, hugs and kisses. xoxox.<3


8 thoughts on “Another day

  1. That’s really neat to hear that you might have the opportunity to travel somewhere and work! I hope everything works out for you and you’re able to come up with the money for the ticket. 😉

  2. I actually really like that oatmeal picture; it looks so pretty!

    And omg…FRANCE! That must be sooo exciting Laura. Fingers crossed that you’ll be able to get the money…maybe some fundraisers could help? Oh! Or bake sales! Those are always fun 😀

  3. oh, wow, sounds like such an exciting job!
    Sorry for not commenting for aaaaages…have been reading, and sending you love X

  4. Becoming in Au pair in France would be incredible! I can’t speak french though, so it would be difficult for me. I would love to visit there though!

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