For lack of a better title, I simply put what my protein is going to be for dinner. Original, right?
Well, at least it is a challenge, I haven’t had salmon in a long time, besides an itty bit in some sushi.
Anyways, I’ll stop it with the  salmon rant and get on with more important things. Not that dinner isn’t important. 🙂

{salmon, ciabatta, & asparagus}


Now that I have chosen a university to attend, accepted the offer, next comes course registration. Dundundunnnn.
I got the earliest time – June 20th 830am, so hopefully I’ll get a good & balances timetable. I mean i rather have a lecture at 820am then 530 at night, even if that means getting my butt outta bed, not that I sleep in much anyhow. Eeep, just typing about this makes me excited for uni, I’ve been waiting for this since like gr.9, when I realized how much I dislike highschool, which coincidentally is when ed started. Oh that seems so far away. Nostalgia. I think not.
I will be majoring in biology, possibly combined with psychology, but not sure yet.
I hate math and physics, yet I have to take these to earn my bachelors, I am dreading it! Anyone taken these fisrt year courses? I hope they’re not too challenging.

Fist year science=bio,chem,phys,math. + eng and 3.0 credits of electives.


Okay, If I can’t get any more random in this post here’s the latest in my life…
PROM is in one week!
I’m 75% certain I’ve chosen my family to au pair with. &
It’s fathers day tomorrow, and I still need to make a card & possibly a cake.

I hope this week goes fast, I just want to be graduated and move on in my life.
I really think being away in a different environment other than at home and having the responsibility of taking care of a child, a cute 2 year old boy to be exact, will really motivate and push me towards recovery. I need to push myself, the days come and go to quickly and I realize I’m doing the same things over and over.
I need to change  so I can transform and truly bloom; let go of fears and find purpose.

Hope your having a lovely weekend, enjoy.


4 thoughts on “salmon

  1. I am so excited for you 🙂 I know the thought of going back to Uni and truely start living a life out in the “real world” is scary, but we have to do it. And I am pretty sure ( yes, I am ED, shut up ) that life is much, MUCH better than disorded isolation.
    As you say too, living can be a wonderful motivation for us to keep on going and working to break free from fears.

    I am really proud of how far you’ve come and your desire to explore the possibilities that are out to there. You have every right to enjoy yourself, to learn things and to simply embrace life. I know you can do anything, take it day by day and allways make your health a priority. Your life depends on it.

    All my support, and thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with me on my blog.

  2. I am so proud of you, getting ready for college and for being genuinely excited for it! As you should be, it will be so much fun 🙂

    So excited for your future!


  3. Congrats on getting into the uni you want to attend! That’s so exciting! I can hardly believe I graduated college 3 years ago. The time flies. Enjoy every minute! And girl, I am not a fan of math and my Stats class in college was a breeze. Seriously. So you’ll be fine. Gen eds are easy so you’ll rock ’em no prob! 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear all about prom and the family you’ll be working with this summer!

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