to give intellectual or spiritual light  to; instruct; impart knowledge to.
late 14c. (O.E. had inlihtan ), “to remove the dimness or blindness (usually figurative) from one’s eyes or heart,” from en-  + lighten. Related: Enlightened ; enlightening .

Yesterday I went to an ashtanga yoga class, which i probably shouldn’t have, but am glad I did. I went to a different studio than usual and paid $23.38 for a drop in class of an hour and a half. Why was this worthwhile you see? Because, yoga is one of my passions, and although ed has turned that into obsessive torture at times, when I am on the mat, I am at peace, I am centered, and aware. Yes, I still have random thoughts pop into my head; what am I having for lunch?should I buy those shoes at aldo?etc, etc. But somehow, within the poses of yoga, I can experience, even just for a moment, bliss.

While using new muscles that I never knew existed, this particular teacher took a note of pointing out how harmful yoga can be to those underweight. Furthermore stating that we, as human beings, are meant to have fat on our bodies for cushion and support, and will only develop our practice and truly experience yoga when we have the muscles to support each posture.

At this point,my mind was thinking I was a failure at yoga, that, what I thought was my passion was just a mindless hobby I tried to be good at. sigh…
No, I know that is not true; I still love yoga, and even though I am at a low weight, I am working towards health each day, and I will get there. & Not only will I be able to fully participate and benefit from my practice of yoga, I will be able to experience life and all the wonders it has to offer. I am glad I went to this yoga class because it enlightened me to a new insight on life. There is so much out there to discover; for me,you,everyone.
The first step, for me, is taking care of my health.

Do you have a first step to take?


4 thoughts on “Enlightened;

  1. That was my first step. Realizing that I had to take care over myself and starting to do that was the first thing I did in recovery, and it took a few months into it before I realized that. I’m glad you have something you’re passionate about and is healthy, just try to keep it from being a crazy unhealthy obsession.

  2. My first step was admitting to myself that I needed to take a first step! And realizing that I had so much to gain from gaining weight. I’m still not right where I went to be but I’m on the right path, and it’s all those little steps that count 🙂

  3. Wow that was an awesome post. It’s so important that you’re able to figure out what “enlightens” you. Running does that for me. All my worries go away when I’m running and I can just be. It’s wonderful.

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