I love,


Kabocha {thanks to some lovely bloggers!}
warm summer nights


The security and comfort of a child holding your hand.

What are you loving these days?


6 thoughts on “I love,

      • Honestly, it sucks. Half of the food in Japan contains sugar where it is not supposed to but one of the things I hate the most is this sickeningly sweet omelette sushi. There is just something very wrong with the concept of sweet fried eggs over bland glutinous rice.

  1. Children are so endearing. Holding their hands is comforting and having them sit in ones lap is pure joy. This year I had a dance recital and while all the dance students gathered in the studio I had the privilege of holding one of the little dancers. Her mom was my Cross-country coach and had me baby sit once. (I also helped at the daycare the girl attends) She is such a sweet shy girl and was quite nervous about the event. I was a little bit too :).

    I wonder if sushi would taste alright with whole grain rice… I wonder if I’d ever like sushi. It’s something I’ve never been willing to try.

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