I’m usually not one to keep up with the latest trends,

But, sharing yummy food pics{that I do not take credit for} representing what I ate, is just too much fun to pass up. & has also made me come to some much needed realizations.


 I got to sleep in today without having to dread S {boy i care for} crying for his mommy. She had the day off, which means I did too.
I really did nothing productive, besides taking public across the city to Whole Foods! Yes, be jealous.
I got an assortment delicious  hot & cold salads. Alongside one of the best pairs I’ve ever eaten. It cost me 1.07$ for one pear!

perfectly sweet and crispy
Then I meandered through some shops, but didn’t make any purchases, cause I’m already broke enough.


with 11 grams protein this kept me full for a suprisingly long time.
The weather was cloudy,windy, rainy, and cold. What is it… March? Feels like it, I spent most of the evening/afternoon indoors and  I actually had time to read some blogs.  Not so bad, not so bad.

vanilla greek yogurt, and a pear of the asian variety.
Very odd dinner for me! I usually have something of more substance and meal-like, but today was just off.

bed time snackage

finishing the day with a warm bowl of oats and soy.

Well, there it is. No, I am not proud of how restictive this is. I could have made up a post of how proud I am of eating 3000+ cals, and that my life is getting back on track. But it’s not, and I’m being open about my struggles. Why does increasing my intake seem impossible? Like it would be the end of the world to have over 300 cals in one sitting. I do not want to be in this headspace, it is so draining and unhealthy. The only way out is perserverence & patience, only then will true potential and possobilities be within reach.


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