Weekend Update

Happy Sunday!
This weekend my dad is visiting me, so I’m having some major father bonding time and haven’t been on the computer much. Which is nice, but I wanted to do a quick update of some of the fun I’ve been up to. 🙂

My dad and I went exploring all over the city; we went to a japonese festival and saw some amazing bonzai plants, and pretty kimono dresses. I’ve personally always wanted one, even though I don’t know where I would wear it. They are just so beautiful.
Then, we ventured throughout gastown and canada place stadium. The sun was shining and it actually felt like summer, might I  say even a bit too hot for me. We went to Whole Foods for dinner and I also picked up some new goodies that I’ll share with you in another post. I got vanilla gelato and blueberry sorbet for dessert and let me say it was a fantastic treat! Have you tried WF ice-cream? I had been eyeing it up for a while but never actually had some till last night. Mmm.
 [sigh] The weather today seems to have clouded over, maybe we’ll go to the mall? I just got paid so I’m in the shopping mood.

cool dorm room
Ed-wise, I wish I could say that I am gaining,but I am not. My dad can see it. I feel like a huge dissapointment. My uni is being paid for; tuition, housing,books. I leave in one month. I should definately be at a much higher, healthier weight. I need to have a properly functioning brain that can think clearly and have success. I’m glad my dad is here this weekend so I can come to terms with reality of what is really going to happen if I don’t ‘get well’ or in other words gain about 20 pounds.
I am motivated. I just have to jump in and do it!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I almost bought a yukata (the summer version of kimono) because they are quite popular in Kyoto and a common sight on weekends BUT you know how tiny Japanese women are… The biggest size I found was for someone 4 inches shorter than me. I can invent a yukata mini 😀 .

  2. Hey girl I am so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours! The layout is beautiful and I am really enjoying reading it so far 🙂
    That dorm room is so cute, like one of the best set ups I have ever seen!
    You and I both can get through this horrible disease. We deserve a life free of this consuming BS

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