small steps

True recovery from anorexia and bulimia involves learning to:

  • Listen to your body.
  • Listen to your feelings.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Accept yourself.
  • Love yourself.
  • Enjoy life again.
    (source)I found this article online, and thought it had some great points on recovering freom eating disorders. However, I did find it focused mainly on finding a treatment team; inpatient or outapatient. Not that that is a bad focus, but from what I’ve learned recovery comes from yourself, and no matter how much you are influenced by your support networks, and treatment team, the choice is always yours; To continue with ed behaviours or to change them. You have to truly want it in order to overcome ed.
    Tessa wrote an amazing post on the choice of recovery that really got me thinking of where I am going with mine.
    -I make a conscience effort to increase my calories each day, while this is only a small step, it is a step in the right direction.
    -I have been trying to decrease my activity level. I haven’t been doing hard cardio or running of course, but I do walk a lot and doing yoga. These are not intense activities but still are burning a lot of the energy my body desperatley needs.With that I have concluded I am not actively choosing to move forward right now, ed is tricking me into thinking im okay,and I’m on the right path, but I am not. I have been an inpaitient 3 times and I know the massive amount of calories my body needs in order to gain even a little weight per week.

I am being honest with myself, and I don’t like the outcome.
So, it’s time for more drastic changes. Changes that are my choice. Changes that will last.
I’m taking the plunge, because life is not worth living when your greatest fear is;  food nourishing for your body to the fullest.
No longer do I want to live in fear, hiding behind a mask.
I want to be able to wear a bathing suit, go swimming, have friends,& laugh.
I want a life. I have the choice.

8 thoughts on “small steps

  1. The top 6 things you listed are exactly what I feel needs to be focused on, not only for me, but for everyone who is struggling with food issues.

    Just keep pushing forward, keep striving for a healthier relationship with food. You do have the choice and I have faith that the Lord will guide you to make the right decisions. Enjoy life and what it has to offer~!

    • Thank-you!
      As I make strides forward; eating 2% yogurt instead of skim, hearty bread with 7g protein per slice, more fat, doing what Laura wants to do not ed, i learn how easy it is to slip up and make the wrong choices; too much walking/excersize, skimping on meals/snacks. It is a learning process for sure!

  2. You are so strong, Laura. Your awareness over everything is inspiring and will no doubt help you beat this and overcome the challenging moments. Keep on reflecting, learning, and growing. You’re doing great at it through my eyes. Sure, there’s always room for change and taking bigger steps. Go for it! But don’t forget the amazing things you have done and are trying to do for your health already. 🙂

    Hugs and love! ❤ Tina

  3. I wish you the best of luck Laura. Those steps you are taking sound great and I know you will acheive your goals if you don’t give up.

    I know changes are scary, but more often then not they are for the better and more then worth it.

    You can do this girl!

  4. I could not agree more. It is our decision, first and foremost, and our conviction to continue. A good team helps us continue when we think we can’t, but all the strength is within us 🙂

    You can do this, you are amazing and have all the strength ❤

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