Change In Plans

numero uno: Increase cals to 2500 daily. No if’s, ands, or buts about it.
deux: Eat more balanced meals, include all food groups; fat, carbs, protein,dairy
trois: Less time spent aimlessly walking around, no matter how much I enjoy the fresh air. I don’t need to expend the extra energy.
It’s a start, & we’ll see how it goes. Simple yet oh so challenging at the same time.

That is all for now, hope you’re having a lovely week.
It’s hard to beleive it’s almost autumn, as I feel summer’s end approaching.
Change of season, change of pace, change of mind.


17 thoughts on “Change In Plans

  1. I’m struggling for the motivation to challenge myself, right now.
    I wish you the best!
    This is so simple yet so beautiful.

    OH, Fall is my very favorite, no other season do i enjoy more than fall.

  2. Good luck! Are you going back to school this fall? If you’re not ready, there’s no shame in taking the time off to focus on your health. Good luck!

  3. Sorry I’m late here but you can do this. Just think about the desired outcome when it gets tough. It’ll be so worth it. xx

  4. Just a random thought, but even if you don’t walk around in the fresh air you can just lay in it. It’s quite lovely to bring a pillow into the backyard and listen to music while lying in the grass. Did it today actually, almost fell asleep : )

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