Abandon, Relinquish, Let Go

Steps to freedom from the inner demon; anorexia.
(How to piss-off  challenge the nasty monster within)

I hope one day we can all be free and live the life we’ve dreamed for ourselves without that horrific monster ruining it,
where do we begin?

Look in the mirror and tell yourself: “I love you!”
Fully appreciate all that your body does for you and be greatful for it.
You may not be satisfied with or like certain parts and that is okay, accepance is key.
Do not fall into the vicous cycle of comparing, overanalyzing, fixating.
Be you & only you.

 Be spontaneous, change up your routine, don’t let strict routines rule your life.
Follow your intuition, know when its the eating disorder creating yor path, and take the next exit.
Keep the end goal in mind, what do you want to accomplish? Work towards your dreams and live the life you want for yourself.
Take the small steps that seem oh so frightening.
Use extra calories that have forever been forbidden; Ketchup, jam, syrup? Yes please.
Take the escalator instead of the stairs if you want. Catch a bus instead of walking and burning calories.
Fit some extra chill-time into your day, juse cause you feel like it.
Eat what you want, not what you “should.”

More Inspiration?
Follow the lead of these role models I admire;
Make a  spontaneous change of plans, and follow through without ed’s permission.
Don’t skip a meal or snack, enjoy your food,
and lick your plate clean. 🙂

The time is now
What are you doing to set yourself free?

17 thoughts on “Abandon, Relinquish, Let Go

  1. This is amazing and all of it so true. I really believe that change comes from the small things. When they’re added up – you have come so much further than you thought.

  2. This is such a beautiful post! All of it is so true. Change only comes from within if we want it to. I definitely lick my plate clean 😀 I hope you’re able to challenge the inner monster :] and thanks I think I really needed something like this right now!

  3. haha im doing everything i can possibly do to set myself free. Most importantly right now im working on the underlying issues of my ED 🙂 HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE! way harder then gaining, fear food, etc.

  4. I did this recovery group once that “studied” step by step Eating in The Light of the Moon. I hated the book at first. I thought it was all bull shit! It took me a few years to really “get it” lol…I’m SLOW 😉

    • I found it to be a tad ‘cheezy’ with the mythical stories and such, but I really like all the insights and knowledge it shared. Maybe its not for everyone though.

  5. This is beautiful 🙂
    I needed to read this, thank you ^^ It captures all those disorded habits and ED sneaks into your life and convinces you to believe they’re necessary, that our worth and safety lies in the rules and habits. It doesn’t. Our safetety lies out there – in life. A healthy life.

    I’ll save this post and read it whenever I need some extra motivation, thank you again precious friend. We’ll fight this through.

  6. This post is so beautiful! ♥ I am working on “letting go”. It is not easy, but I am learning that life can be so much better. I think I need to read this each and every day. 🙂 Actually, I think everyone should.

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