Final Countdown

Survey on a Sunday
woot woot.
Snatched this one from CleanEatingChelsea, originally posted by Tina.
5-4-3-2-1 days till I start my university journey.
Here we go:
Five words to describe me

Open-minded, adventurous, determined, kind-hearted, indecisive.

Four favourite foods

Fruit {because I never met a fuit I didn’t like!}
Sushi{ tuna/avocado made with brown rice}
Ice-cream&Fro-Yo {they count as one, I like both equally}
Oh wait, that’s 5…apparently I can’t count.

Three things I am most proud of accomplishing

Graduating highschool and being accepted into the three universities I applied for.
{despite having missed so much school; being in treatment}
Being an independant person & not relying on others for everything.
Taking charge in recovery for my eating disorder; I have gone to inpatient,outpatient, and residential. I now realize no one can change me but myself, only I have that power to redirect my life in the direction I want to sail.
{Even though I may be going at a slower pace than hoped}

Two favourite workouts

 Power yoga & hiking!

The one thing you can expect from my blog

My goals. aspirations, & dreams.
{shoot is that 3?}

Much Love! ❤




9 thoughts on “Final Countdown

  1. Hi Laura! I really love this survey! I definitely have to agree with fruit as one of my favorite foods. I think I eat fruit with every meal. I love it so much! 😛

    Your accomplishments are really inspiring. They give me hope for my own future. I really love what you said about no one being able to change you but yourself. I have learned that that is definitely the truth.

    I hope you are doing well!

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