Hannah Georgas & Sandwiches

Have you guys heard of Hannah Georgas?
Well, you should take a listen, she’s an amazing artist.
& i’m lucky to get to see her live right here at my university!
Why did I ever deprive myself, the simplicent enjoyment of nourishing my body for so long? Torturing and causing so much damage to my poor body.
After having so much physical pains, exhaustion, cold sensitivity in summer weather
Irritability, inability to focus, and constant thoughts surrounding food.
To say the least of the symtoms…
I have found the power of eating to be very invigorating.
No longer ingnoring those sharp hunger pains, I eat.
I don’t follow a shedule or eat at certain meal times. I just simply eat what I feel like and allow myself to enjoy it.
Today’s lnch for example; my stomach was growling after a long orientation session, and I knew I needed something immediatley.
Enter cafeteria, b-line past measly salads, to the sandwich bar.
It has been way too long since eating a full sandwich, pathetic on my part.
Hummus,sprouts,cucumber,carrot,spinach, on thick hearty rye  please.
Delicious! It truly does feel good to eat.
So, stop the deprivation.

I can already smell more sandwiches in my future, perhaps a new daily staple.
So versatile; endless options! can you tell I’m excited?
Anyways, sorry to bore you with my sandwich rant, but had to put it out there that progress is coming along for me in some form or another.
Though I know I have a long way to go!
Especially in terms of gaining weight.
Gotta start somewhere though.
Do you eat whole sammie’s?
Favourite kind?
I’m thinkin tuna-cranberry.


15 thoughts on “Hannah Georgas & Sandwiches

  1. Sandwiches are my favorite quick lunch! A few of the best combos are avocado and sea salt, hummus and tomato, almond butter and banana, and Marmite and soy cheese. I like mine simple and easy to make :] Sometimes I like to go all fancy and throw all kinds of things together though. I really hope you’ll be enjoying yummy sandwiches a lot from now on! :]

  2. You didn’t bore me all, you made me really proud and happy for you 😀
    What a brilliant way to start your semester by taking the first step to build a healthier relationship with food. I know trying new things, especially thing we’ve looked upon as dangerous / forbidden / all wrong for so long is a huge challenge. You did it. You tried and you won. Smile! =)
    And studying will go so much easier if we nourish both our bodies and mind the way they deserve.

    Ahh, beautiful – you make me smile from ear to ear 🙂 You can do this! Some days will be hard, others will be sunshine and pretty flowers. Fight through the difficult ones knowing that better days are ahead of you.
    Use this sandwich as an expression of your strength – it is possible for you to disobey ED and eat what you want, when you want it.

    Take care angel ❤

  3. 😉 I’m so happy you have rediscovered sandwiches! I love them too anything really is good for me! Tuna and cranberry sounds pretty amazing to me!

  4. Hi Laura! Unfortunately, I can relate to all of your symptoms in regards to eating too little. I would ignore the hunger pains to the point of feeling too weak to walk, constantly think of food or look at pictures of food, and would always feel so cold that my poor feet were purple. Sandwiches have been a big “fear food” for me too. But I have recently been enjoying them again. Hummus sandwiches are delicious! Good luck! You are doing so well on your road to recovery. (:

    • Thanks, all the best to you! Im here for support. & not to seem intrusive but seeing your pictures reminds me of my own weak, frail body. We need to nourish ourselves!

  5. Girl I so feel ya on the sandwich fear! But I love them so much and miss them in my life! Tuna Cranberry= excellent choice 🙂
    I have a sandwich every so often and enjoy every.single.delicious.bite… no need to fear something that is so good for you!

  6. Simple things like these are what recovery is ALL about ❤ I absolutely love reading how happy you are, and how exciting life and the prospect of recovery is 🙂

    Hope you are having a great week!


  7. The pictures you have here of sandwiches make me hungry 🙂
    My favorite sandwich is tuna with lettuce, tomato, and balsamic. Kind of boring, but it’s always good!

  8. “I have found the power of eating to be very invigorating.
    No longer ingnoring those sharp hunger pains, I eat.
    I don’t follow a shedule or eat at certain meal times. I just simply eat what I feel like and allow myself to enjoy it.”
    This is beautiful, hun. Keep these thoughts to overwhelm the other negative ones. ❤

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