Here comes fall

This week the weather here has officially decided summer is over. Going from sunshine and blue skies to grey and cool crisp breezes. I do love the fall, but I must say the I will have to get used to the chilly temperatures. Brrr!
I’ve been craving  soup and oats like crazy, having 3-4 hot meals/snacks per day. And of course lots of hot tea 🙂 Lately I’ve been sipping; Yogi-egyptian licorice and sbucks- soytazochaitealatteextrahotsprinkledwithcinnamon.My Pininterest obsession is getting worse! Way too much time looking at clothes,food,photography,art, etc. Not enough time focusing on school. Ooopsies.
I guess you can say I’ll distract myself anyway I can to avoid calculus homework. I do find myself being distracted easily and not able to focus. Which I really dislike, I want to be able to get things done without taking up hours of time.
Another reason for more fuelage!
can you imagine having to study form these? Math101 Wizardry101.

On another note,I am in need of autumnal(isthataword?) clothes. I have nothing to wear, it also really doesnt help that I have no shape, so clothes just sort of hang off of me. It’s so depressing going shopping and trying to find an outift that looks half decent. Booo. Motivation to gain!
mustardyellow=too cute!
Hummus has been making its way into my lunch almost everyday! They actaully sell a decent variety at the caf. Yum. I literally eat like a cup of it as my dippage. So good mixed with balsamicvinegar, try it now.
That is all for now, Imma try and go get some work done. Happy Weekend. 🙂



16 thoughts on “Here comes fall

  1. 🙂 Autumnal is a word. says so:

    Adjective: Of, characteristic of, or occurring in autumn

    So glad the cooler weather is here! I too need to add a few more items to my autumn wardrobe. Dresses, sweaters, and tights. O wait… I just purchased all of those. I’d like to add more, but I recently bought the minimum for myself and will have to find a job if I want to spend more. Sigh.

    I love the photos you picked out for today. They make me smile on the inside. The Tea one especially.

    I very much want the boots the model is wearing in your 2nd photo too. Boots are so versatile, lovely, warm, and cute.

    The concentration issue is my dilhema too… Although your work load is probably heavier then mine as my major is Early Childhood Education and I believe yours is Biology…. Still it’s hard to sit down and do the work there are so many other things to explore or on my mind. I’m hoping it’s a nourishment thing that can be solved with herbs… but really I think it might just be a have a lot on my mind. Sigh. If I discover a cure I’ll let you know promise!

    For know I’d suggest working with your ability to concentrate. If you can do it for 15 minutes do so and take a 5 minute break and continue. I hate the idea of doing this, but it sounds like you might need to. It’ll take longer, but you’ll your work done.

    Good Luck dear!

    • I have yet to buy some sweater and tights! I need money, but dont have time for a job. I’ll have to ask the parentals 😛
      Im so glad I could make you smile, most of the pics are from pininterest, Iv become so addicted to that website.
      What do you mean solved with herbs? Like ginger/pepperment for focusing… Biology/general sciences is correct; my courses are chem,bio,physics,and calculus plus labs. eek.
      I already do the 15 min thing, it is still a challenge though!

      • Eeek is right!! Wow! I hope you love it or you might be in for a long hull… It will be tougher then ought to be….

        What I mean by herbs is nutrition supplements (Herbs might be too specific a word Sorry >_<). As of right now I don't know which ones I will need, I'm going to see someone who can tell me soon endless my concentration comes back. The person I see subscribes products from this site It might be effective to just read the descriptions of their products to figure out what might help you.

        More work then it's worth maybe. I'm not sure. I like having someone be able to tell me exactly what I need for me that's important because no one is exactly the same as another and I don't want to get something that doesn't do anything…

        Study that was is definitely a challenge! Drives me bonkers when I'm using that method…

        O, and another idea. Listen to classical music while you study maybe?

  2. I hate needing money but having no job. There are so many clothing thing I want/need to buy! I’m glad this post was upbeat and happy. I have been craving pumpkin like a mad woman. I’m making people pumpkin butter for the holidays this year and am convinced I need to make 5 batches first, mostly so I get a lot.
    I am lucky that I don’t have a focus problem, but that’s because I have an anxiety problem with getting stuff done. If I don’t the very chance I get to it’s all I can think about.

  3. Sunshine. « Journey Threw The Rivers

  4. I can’t wait for FALL either! Autumnal clothes are my favorite 😉
    Haha, and it’s so funny because I’ve been living off of hummus this entire past week. My roommate and I got 3 containers at Whole Foods and devour them at night! So, so good. Trying it out with balsamic vinegar ASAP!!


  5. Autumn is coming here too! It’s getting cooler and I’m loving it, but I’ll need to go shopping too 😀 I adore fall fashion. Oh and hummus is the best! I’ll have to find a way to incorporate it into my lunch because it’s been too long since I had some.

  6. I love Autumn and all the warmer clothes! I love shopping for autumnal clothes the most of all, the colours are pretty and I love tights and other such cooler weather things! It’ll be scarf weather soon!!! 🙂

  7. I do like fall and all of that usual things that come with it- pumpkins, Halloween, cute outfits, scarves :), boots, good hair weather, beautiful colors… but I just don’t like that whole part when it changes to winter! Blehhh

  8. I love the spirit of this post, it is so optimistic and motivated to keep on going down the right [ but difficult ] track.
    Proud of you! 🙂

    Autumn is a beautiful season, it feels like Nature is coming back to life again after the long and warm summer days. And what is more cozy than enjoying warm soup, cocoa or some fresh baked goodies?
    It is a good motivation to gain, this desire to fit into clothes. To feel good about yourself. I want to tell you that you are indeed incredibly beautiful regardless of weight, but when you gain you add health and strength to your body. You get back the sparkle in your eyes and passion in your heart. That is what happens. Recovery is not about getting ” fat”, it’s about becoming alive again. And you can do this 🙂

  9. Hey!! nice to meet you!! I love your blog and this post makes me want to go shopping 🙂
    I am overcoming ED thoughts as well. Hope you come stop by my blog sometime! I’ll add you to my blogroll ❤

  10. I am in love with your positive upbeat words these last few posts. It shows the real Laura shinning through and makes me smile so widely 🙂
    I too am in love with tea, though I have yet to try that Starbucks drink. I think I shall challenge myself to it one day this Autumn.
    Mustard yellow is beautiful! As is hummus.
    And that is a typical Eeyore quote ❤ Love Eeyore. I think he was my favourite of all the 100 acre farmed creatures.

  11. Sunshine. | Hidden in a Box

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