Calorie Counters

Confession; I joined
But, most certainly not for restriction… for recovery!
Check it out –>
This is the real deal, I’ve read some amazing example meal plans that I should be following, so I jumped on the bandwagon myself for some inspiration & motivation. These people are for serious about weight gain! I encourage you to join too if you think it would be helpful to your recovery. :)This fall weather has had me cravin apple pie like mad. I guess I’ll have to wait till thanksgiving break, when I’ll be in the comforts of home for the weekend to enjoy a slice {or two or three}! Microwaved apple-pie oatmeal for now?  I’ve managed to be a bit productive this weekend with getting assignments and studying done, though still easily distracted and unable to focus at times.
Bikram has truly helped me with mental clarity, though I know it’s not the best method to practice while trying to gain significant weight. It’s an outlet I don’t feel I can replace. I mean if its my main/only excersize besides walking, I think it could be more beneficial than harmful.
And when all else fails pininterest and blogging never cease to catch my attention.
Remind yourself this daily! Especially during your study sessions, and exam time.

What’s been helpful in your recovery?
How’s school going?
What has fall got you craving?


13 thoughts on “Calorie Counters

  1. The most helpful thing so far was moving to a country where almost everybody is smaller than me. Unbelievable, I know but when the majority of the population is 80 lbs with wet clothes it doesn’t look so special anymore. I still have this urge to lose weight but, being 10 inches taller than the average Japanese girl, I know I will still be bigger than them no matter how much I lose and it feels kinda pointless 🙂 .

    By the way, i think yoga is the best form of exercise for somebody in recovery. It helps you relieve the stress without being too strenuous. Just don’t overdo it.

  2. Mmmm. Apple pie oatmeal sounds delicious. I think I shall have that tomorrow morning!
    I’m so glad that yoga has been helpful. I am trying to start up-have never tried Bikram, but it sounds interesting!
    Writing has always been helpful. Putting my thoughts to words make them real and alive. And I like the feeling of aliveness! It’s counter-intuitive from what ed keeps telling us.
    School has been crazy busy. Swamped with notes, labs, projects, etc. Am glad that you are not too overwhelmed yet! Good luck with upcoming midterms.
    Autumn has me craving tea. Copious mugs of it ❤ And pumpkin pie. And dancing in crunchy red leaves.

  3. Wow, the pic of that pie makes me hungry! Ha, ha. I came dangerously close to having an eating disorder when I was a teenager and counting calories did help rescue me. It helped me see that I needed to eat more and helped me to add the food I needed to. I’m sure this can help you too! You go girl!

  4. That sounds like an awesome plan Laura! 🙂 Wow, that apple pie and oatmeal both look absolutely delicious! Anything with baked apples is wonderful. I’ve always wanted to try Bikram yoga. If it works as a stress outlet for you, I think that it is worth practicing. As long as you make up for it with plenty of apple pie. 😉 I think running has helped me tremendously with my own ED. When I was severely underweight I couldn’t run but now I can and I make sure to fuel myself so that I can continue to run. School has been a little hard for me so far but I think I’m getting more comfortable. Fall makes me crave honeycrisp apples. They are by far the best. Good luck and keep fighting!

  5. It sounds like a great plan Laura, just make sure you don’t let it become yet another way to restrict okay? ED can’t pull his tricks on you 🙂

  6. Microwaved apple-pie oatmeal sounds great! I’ve been craving lots of pumpkin lately 😀 I’m so glad it’s fall. I’m so happy to hear you’ve taken a big step toward recovery! :] I think yoga would be the best form of exercise for you since it can help get the stress off, but it isn’t too strenuous. Keep the gaining plan up!

    • Wow… thank you for all your replies; each and every one makes me smile 🙂
      The thing with Bikram, if you didnt know. It is done in a heated room and you sweat. Its kind of like a wholebody detoxification, Im going to read more about it to get more info on health benefits and such.

  7. I think this will be really helpful toward your recovery… just make sure it’s not something else you start to obsesses with and rely on. We both know how tricky and persuasive EDs can be!
    That apple pie looks soo so good… such a wonderful fall treat 🙂

  8. So glad you can find this site a helpful resource 🙂 Though, as Scott said – don’t let this become a way for you to restrict and hold on to an obsession with calorie counting. That is quite the dilemma in recovery, we need to make sure we eat enough at the same time as we should keep it a goal to stop counting.
    What I’ve found most helpful has actually been to stop counting and work with a nutrionist. Since I started there I’ve gained a significant amount of weight which has cleared up my mind so I am now able to take five extra slices of cheese or some extra glasses of milk without stressing about doing more than what is on my plan, or how many calories I consume on a daily basis. All I focus on is my need and desire to gain weight and life.

    And what I crave now? Hmm… Toasts with butter and cheese, haha! That combined with a glass of milk = happy Hedda. I also crave stews, so better check out some reciepes to satisfy this craving 😉

    Keep having this positive attitude my friend – I think you are amazing and very, very strong for doing what you do. Be proud!

  9. Calorie Counters is the reason I am where I am right now. It was SUCH a huge part of my recovery…I don’t think I could have done it without the people over there…so happy you joined! ❤

    • Glad to hear it helped with your success! The only thing is im having a hard time finding time to post/calculate all my eats for the day.

  10. Unlike other people who have to get rid of calorie counting and the scale, I kept both by recommendation of my therapist because otherwise I tend to lose my overview of how much to eat and do undereating for safety (earlier) or lack of time and attention (now). I think the most important thing is how you deal with it. It’s a walk on the edge, but there’s no easy solution. I’m sure you’ll find your way, though – so seem to be motivated, and that’s what counts. 🙂

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