My life


This is what my life consists of, nothing more & nothing less. Am I happy?
At times yes, & at times no. I want more out of life; why am i just existing?
Or is the simplicity of existing the purpose of life?



6 thoughts on “My life

  1. I know the feeling. My life consists of school, exercising, eating, and sleeping. Basically the same as yours dear. Except I add in family and therapy once in a while. It’s time for us to make some friends so we can enjoy the simplicity of this life, maybe? Have you ever considered drawing or exploring the great out doors for fun? Or maybe you could volunteer at a daycare and enjoy some time with children? Sigh. I’m not sure what your time schedule is like but if you feel as if life is to simple right now add a little spice. Like when you eat, prepare the meal like it’s really special. Or when you study, study using fun colored pens to take notes. It might help. It might not.

    Now, a question. Why are you just existing? How can you exist with a feeling of purpose that you like?

    I hope something of that was helpful dear. Really though life is simple. Accepting it and being content with it is the hard part.

  2. Sometimes simplicity is the best solution. Believe me, you’d better have this for a while than the “God, I’m too tired to go home” feeling after school. There is time for everything. Get used to your university life and add new things gradually.

  3. I believe that there are times and days when simplicity is all we can hope for and all that we crave from this life.It’s one of the purposes but not the entire purpose. But like Marina said, there is a time for everything and soon more things will creep into your life. For now, enjoy the sunshine filled days of just existing through the everyday routines that make YOU happy. Just as long as you’re happy ❤

  4. We all have a purpose to life, and it just takes time to find out what that is. 🙂 You’ll find it. Until then, try to find joy in the simple moments. 🙂

  5. I am trying to live the moment. Sometimes you are so busy with your daily routine that you forget the important things in life. Find the little things that make you happy and change up your routine from time to time! Plus, sleep is super important. I do not get much these days too but after sometime you definitely feel the lack of it.
    I love the yoga pose in that post! will have to take one like that for my blog! thanks for sharing!

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