long time,


Sometimes you need a miracle of hope to turn your life around.
I know my destiny is in my own hands, then why does it seem so uncontrollable.
I can see the light, will I ever reach it?
One day will I make it to freedom, is there such a thing.
All I can do it hope, take action, & believe.

11 thoughts on “long time,

  1. There is such a thing as Freedom.
    You can see it in the light ahead.
    Imagine being able to grasp it.
    It will fill you with a sense of joy, peace, freedom, contentedness.

    Dear. You are your own miracle.
    God made you. He gave you hopes and dreams.
    He also gave you a willful passionate soul.
    It took a lot of effort to get where you are at dear.
    You can do so much more.

    The light at the end is so much better then the safety of the dark.

    You will not be in control of it all. No. You’ll have freedom to be out of control.
    Like a little girl dancing to the beat of her own drum. (A whimsical joyous beat)

    Keep moving girl. You will make it.

  2. Dearest Laura,
    You are in complete control of your life. You will see the light. It is surrounding you, embracing you even when you can’t feel it. It is always in sight. Sometimes, we need to open our eyes in just a different way. Take a walk through the eyes of your childhood when life was simple. Take a walk through the eyes of each time you feel a little better than before. And take comfort in knowing that it is there. That warm light will still be there. You will not lose it. It will not go away. Instead, it shall keep growing and getting stronger bit by bit. Each day šŸ™‚ And each day, you will get closer to the freedom that ed can not take away from you forever. ā¤ Believe in YOUR strength.

    p.s. *hugs* thank you for your comment earlier this week.

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