first things first

I may not have the strong healthy body I want. I might not have many friends. & I may be just living day to day without truly enjoying everything I used to.
First things first; I have to learn to become a friend to myself. To treat myself with respect, so I can nourish and glow. Then, maybe one day I will be able to live my life to to the fullest and break free from ed.
First things first; Eat. The only way to break free.

10 thoughts on “first things first

  1. ā¤
    Beautiful Lauren. You are right. Eat now. Focus on healing and find comfort in the fact that through recovery you open up the door to a whole jungle of amazing opportunities.
    They will not come right away, but with time. Just not doubt it. Hold on my dear, you can do this.

    Proud of you.

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