All smiles.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Hannukkah and are enjoying your holidays spent with loved ones.
Another Christmas has come and gone already, before I know it (in a week)
I’ll be back at uni; days filled with studying,reading,labs,report,papers and of course yummy eats and hotyoga. 🙂
I must admit I miss the hustle bustle of it all, and am actually looking forward to my classes this semester!
 I want strong arms.

Speaking of yoga, I found a Bikram yoga studio near my dads, and have been keeping up wit my practice.
I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.
I took two days off ( Christmas and Boxing Day)
& felt so different and just had this strong urge to get in the hot room.
This mornings class was like heaven to me.
Am I addicted? Is it my ed?
I’d like to believe I’m truly passionate about it, as I have always loved yoga.
But I still doubt myself sometimes, and don’t want to make it another ed hobby that I obsess over.
I’ll keep my guard up, and if I start to lose weight/restrict more I’ll know I’ve gone too far.
For now, I will enjoy the peace and clarity it brings into my life.

 I miss the fresh ocean air of my uni hometown.

Another great source of happiness I received?
Lulugift cards, money, make-up, personal blender(for my dorm),sbucks $, and other goodies that santa dropped off.
My mom actually wrote “from dasher, dancer, vixen” etc. On the gifts this year. Hehe.
I guess the reindeer wanted some credit for the gift giving.

Any suggestions for lulu lemon purchases?
I’m thinking pants, bra, tank, shorts. The basics.

I also really need to get my baking on,
all I’ve made so far is a pumpkin gingerbread loaf that I ended up with a mushy center
But, my dad still ate most of it.  🙂

Gingerbread cookies anyone?

Favourite treat to bake?
What’s keeping you smiling these days?

10 thoughts on “All smiles.

  1. I’m not a regular baker (although I do want to work on that :P)
    But on the occasion I do bake, I love making cakes and brownies 🙂

  2. I LOVE baking! Cookies and muffins win first place 🙂
    What keeps me smiling is when my boyfriend talks to me, when I listen to awesome music (Sherlock Holmes, anyone?), and running/walking/biking).

  3. I love baking! I have not done enough of it this holiday season.
    I have not tried hot yoga yet but I’m planning on it soon. Good for you for keeping it up. Yoga is the best, but I prefer pilates which is just fast paced yoga. I hope you’re well!

  4. Aww 🙂 The title of this post made me smile! Good for you for finding a passion outside of ed. I don’t think that your obsession is ed related, but it is definitely a good idea to keep an eye on things and not let tricky relapse habits come back. Ed will not destroy yoga for you 🙂
    I prefer pilates as well, mainly because I can’t stay still enough for yoga, but I have never tried hot yoga and am eager to try it…perhaps in the New Year!
    Cute gingerbread cookies! Hehe, even they are smiling!
    These days I’ve been keeping smiling through copious readings and new books 🙂 It’s a relief to be reading something NON school related for sure!
    Good luck with school next week (I can’t believe it starts up again so quickly) and have a MOST restful rest of vacation.

  5. My friends are keeping me smiling,as well as my pets! They’re the most precious thing in my life,seriously. 🙂
    I love hot yoga,too – it’s awesome you have a studio near your dad’s,I wish there was one near my home,too!
    And baking is highly addictive, at least in my case… I especially love baking cookies,no matter what kind. I’m a cookie girl 😉
    I hope you have some nice days at home & are feeling well!

  6. I’ve only tried hot yoga once, but it made me feel amazing! I really wish we had a studio nearby, but sadly that’s not the case. I think it’s great you’re enjoying yoga though :] Oh and I love to bake muffins! They’re definitely my favorite.

  7. It’s nice to see how Christmas recharged your batteries with tons of positive energy. Keep smiling!

    I didn’t bake as much as I wanted this Christmas but I baked my favorite banana bread and it is worth a boatload of other sweets so I am fine with it. I also wanted to bake pb cookies this evening but we don’t have water…

    And… I don’t smile much in general.

  8. Love , love , love gingerbread. I baked some gingerbread cookies with my little brothers, and although they weren’t as great as I was hoping, they were still great fun to bake.
    I love baking muffins and sweet breads and cooking savory meals. I love eating cookies, but I can’t make them the way I like.

    What makes me smile these days is talking to my family, spending time with my little twin brothers, watching movies and cooking. I know I won’t feel like going back to uni when this year is done and over.

  9. I am loving the positive energy here Laura – it is wonderful to see how you’re fighting and winning. It’s like you write with increasingly more glow and life, be proud of yourself and your own strength. You’ve been through challenges, and more are to come, but you can handle them. You are already proving that you want to live, and that in itself is a great kick in the butt to ED. Keep it up 🙂

    Favourite treat to bake…hmmm, probably muffins, haha! I love baking them and I love eating them 🙂 And there is so much that brings a smile to my face. Just waking up and notice that my body is free from stress, my mind is motivated and bright. That makes me both smile and cry 🙂 I am blessed with good friends, a wonderful family – and I am blessed with life ^^

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