Starting anew

I really want to strive for a good year, a great year.
Filled with enjoyment, peace, fun, and fulfillment.
& most importantly  take more steps further away from ed,
and into a new life.
I have not thought a lot about specific things I want to accomplish or change, but am becoming more aware of what I needs and desires I my life, and the direction I want to take.

This year I will be striving to make
better decisions towards positive growth
& have courage to take leaps of faith.

Not only in terms of recovering from anorexia,
but for the sake of my social life and overall wellbeing.
I no longer want to be the kermit in hiding, afraid of putting myself out there.
I will make real friendships connect with the world.
There is so much out there, no time to be wasted!
Are you growing in the direction of your dreams? 

8 thoughts on “Starting anew

  1. Happy New year! I feel like 2012 is bringing me a fresh start too and it feels quite nice knowing we can start over :] I really hope this year will rock for you, and you’ll be able to achieve what you’re striving for!

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