sweet musings

FIrst things first, thank-you so very much Kat and Paulina for your ever so kind words on my last post,
I needed cheering up!

This past week has actually been pretty life changing.
Seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye.
But, when given time to reflect;
there have been an abundance of happenings.

I felt a deep desire to make even the slightest changes to,
in the simplest terms, give my life a boost!

Well, to be entirely honest, I don’t know what happened,
I don’t know how I managed to diversify my life.
But, it happened somehow.
& I am forever greatful.

Now, I’m not saying that my life is all wonderful, happiness and rainbows.
Or that I am overly joyous.
But, I believe life itself has become more inspiring to me or that I have been more inspired to live,
and that’s enough to make a life worth living for myself.

nope, could’t end the post without a little yoga.

Clearly bikramyoga had in part, something to do with this transformation of sort.
It’s just a major part of my life.
Without it I’m at a lost.
&  I’m now competing in my regions annual competition.
Should be fun!

– infinite love –

7 thoughts on “sweet musings

  1. Sorry for not adding one more cheering comment. I left the tab with the post open after I read it but I just didn’t find nor the time, nor the energy the answer anything because I had a crazy week, too. I am happy to read that you found a way to make a change, even if it is a small one, that will let you enjoy life more. Don’t miss any opportunities to live at the fullest and good luck in the competition!

  2. I am so glad if my words could cheer you up at least a little bit,Laura! It means so much for me that you’re mentioning this in your post today,really… Thanks a lot! ❤
    It's good to hear that you feel better now and I am so excited about that competition! I hope you keep us updated! 🙂

  3. I am glad that there are other bloggers out there cheering you up! That is so nice of course, and I know I can relate to that feeling as well 🙂
    I am looking forward to hearing more about your competition!

  4. That’s so awesome you’re in a yoga competition. I love the yoga and the way I feel after it as well, I need to remind myself to do it more often.
    You sound like you have a wonderful, possitive attitude right now. Hope you can keep it up 🙂

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