So Hot! 😉


Sitting at the back of bio lecture, pinning & blog-reading away.
‘Listening’ to prof talk about wet-bulb temperatures ( whatever that is) and when we die.
Am I a bad student? I like to say I’m just good at multi-tasking.


8 thoughts on “WANTS!

  1. Bad? Not at all, I mean, think of all the kids who don’t even bother to show up to class in the first place. 😛

    The necklace and the yoga pose are pretty epic too. If I could gather the patience to get the breathing thing down I’d give yoga another try, haha.

  2. Multitasking is a very useful talent and I don’t think it makes you a bad student. It saves teachers’ lives ’cause I’m quite sure I would have killed a lot of people by now if it wasn’t for such distractions. And, yeah, I am in the university right now staring at this heart necklace 😀 .

  3. My bio class is the same way.. the teacher is fantastic 1:1, in office hours or through e-mail, but SO BORING to listen to in class. I usually work on o-chem instead. 🙂

    • I’ve never had 1:1 with my prof, but i have to give him some credit for attempting to be funny.
      & ochem is next year for me, i am scared, very scared.

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