How Bikram Yoga Saved My Life

26 postures, 2 breathing exersizes

How does sweating in a hot room, surrounded by half- naked people, practicing yoga for 90mins save one’s life? It’s kind of a long story…

Part 1

It all begun when I was in the dark stages of anorexia. I was on the brink of death, helpless, lost. I had lived with this illness for over 3 years at this point. Consumed with thoughts of food and excursive I  maintaining my workout routines that became my religion. Day in and day out I breathed  this. A shadow of myself, isolated from reality.

At this point I had already received treatment, in and out of hospitals, and outpatient. Four years. I had had enough of it. I felt my life had been ruled by everyone around me. I had heard it all at this point and more than ready for it to be over with.

I started my first year of university, living in a dorm, surrounded by thousands of ‘normal’ high school graduates embarking into adulthood. A new home, away from family. Freedom at last?

Let me first say that these ‘normal’ people made it very clear that I was different, asides from a few kind souls who weren’t afraid of talking to a girl who looked like she was a holocaust victim. In hindsight, I really don’t blame them. I was frightening to look at. I felt alone. I didn’t belong.

Okay, so how does Bikram turn this self-destructive path around you might ask?

“Bikram yoga claims to help restore balance for the mind, body and spirit, resulting in increased energy, stamina and flexibility”
This claim proved to be 100% true for me. This was not just a stretching and bending class. Nor was it another workout I would just count towards my exercise regime. I was working my entire body from the inside out.
I might have not of realized it in the beginning of my practice, but I felt something different. Something within me changed. Almost like my soul had been transformed. Ok, that sounds really dramatic. But it’s the truth.

“According to Bikram, the mind has five aspects which as they develop, bring equanimity to the mind. These are: faith, self-control, determination, concentration, and patience.”

My anxiety started to slip away. I stopped living in fear. I learned how to truly take care of my body. I ate, and ate, and ate. I thought it was for the practice, the postures, the yoga. Now I realize the yoga did it for me. It allowed me to transform my once frail, weak body into a strong & capable body. A body I could be proud of.

*Part 2 coming soon!*


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