How Bikram Yoga Saved My Life II

I learned to love my body. More importantly, I learned how to love my body. I learned to live, nourish, and thrive within it.

The hot room resembles a dance studio. Mirrors everywhere, or at least 2 walls of the room. There’s no hiding. You have to face yourself, literally. Totally exposed – half-naked, sweaty, heart-pounding- exposed to the 10-500+ yogi’s in the room with you.
(yes, if you go to LA and take Bikram’s class there may be surrounded by 600+ people)

My first few moths taking class I would stare at skin and bones, and yes I knew it. I never saw a dysmorphed version of myself. Skin and bones.
I somehow ignored the fact that my body was in an unhealthy state and continued to practice because of the peace and mental clarity I received, not to mention the intense post-class euphoric bliss. I had no idea that this practice would change my life.
Was I in for a surprise.

Days went on and I began to notice my body changing.
Every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I slowly morphed.
My thighs grew closer and closer and ohmygod now they touch.
My once weak & fragile body strengthened, as did my conscience.
This felt right.

12 thoughts on “How Bikram Yoga Saved My Life II

  1. I love this. Thanks for being so honest.
    I’ve never been to a bikram class before and I definitely couldn’t imagine doing it with 600 people!

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