{4} Daily loves.

The daily aspects of my life that I’m loving.

  • Green Soup with nutritional yeast. Or anything with nutritional yeast for that matter.


So refreshing in the summer. Though summer has not been so hot. Boo.Sunshine, you can come out of hiding anytime soon.Enough with this peek-a-boo teasing. Please?
yes, i do talk to the sun.

  • Embracing atypical coffee shops.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Sbucks {goldcardmember!} But the local cafes I’ve checked out make a mean americano.
  • Grey’s Anatomy
Something about this show calms me, excites me, and inspires me all at the same time. True <3.
I’ll have to wait for september for a new season, but the reruns bring back old memories.
[Izzy&Denny, Carev&Ava, Christina&Burke]& most wonderful of all…

  • Exercise affinity
Let’s be honest, for a while I was overdoing it in the exercise dept. How could I help myself? It felt amazing… at first. Then I started dragging my butt and started dreading it. Lesson learned. Rest is good. I think I’ve finally reached a somewhat balanced point. I do what I please, nothing is forced, and most importantly I enjoy it.
What are some of your daily loves?
Please share 🙂

11 thoughts on “{4} Daily loves.

  1. Two of yours are my favourites as well: coffee shop hopping and I’m currently on a Grey’s Anatomy binge for the latest season 😛

    Current loves are Whole Foods buffets (especially the beet salads) and butterscotch tea! ❤

  2. I’m so glad you’ve found a balance between resting and exercising finally,Laura! That’s so important and a huge accomplishment. You can be very proud of yourself,believe me,girl. 🙂
    One of my daily loves is walking my beloved doggy,definitely. ❤ And apples,and peanut butter.

  3. “Training for life.” Now there’s a concept! I love it! I hope to incorporate that point-of-view into my life versus always feeling like I have to keep up my level of intense exercise incase I want to train for “something” down the road. Way to go on the balancing act with exercise. 🙂

    The soup also looks great and I can attest to the awesomeness that is nutritional yeast. If you have a recipe for that lovely combination up there I’d love to have it. 😉

    And it’s been extremely warm and mostly dry here for the past week. I hope to send some warm weather in your direction in exchance for a few milder days!

    • Who knew those funny ecards would have such insight into life 😉
      I’ve made variations of the soup, but basically its…
      half cup chickpeas/lentils
      half an avocado
      one clove garlic, or less if you don’t like it garlicy
      one cup spinach/kale or both
      squeezed juice of a lemon wedge
      Throw in a blender with water to mix, top with nutritional yeast, & enjoy!
      The sun was shining today!

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