Mondays are Marvelous

I’ve always loved a good monday.
Thanks Katie for hosting!

Even though technically the week starts on sunday, monday is always my fresh start.
Something about routine makes me happy.
Or maybe its just the fact that I start my mondays off with a run,
and a hot yoga class.

And let’s not forget the coffee

good noms of course.

& lastly, pleasant tunes to listen to while blog reading.
I’ve always liked schedule, having a set routine to follow. Something I knew I could count on.
While I agree its great to shake things up time to time, and I’m always glad when I do.
The security of a routine calms me, and let’s me know that everything is going to be okay.
This probably has something to do with living in a structured hospital environment for a year of my life.
I just like being able to predict things sometimes, have a plan to follow. Is that so bad?
Thoughts on this? Can one be to0 reliant on their daily routines?
What’s making you smile today?


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