Life changes for the better

I can’t seem to stop this ‘post every 10 days or so’ thing.
I need want to be more consistent with blogging.
Thank-YOU if you still read/follow my blog. I ❤ you.


Looking on my posts from the past years, & when I started this blog. The main focus has been about my recovery. Or lack of.
I was riding the roller-coaster, that so many of you are familiar with, for a long time.
It has been a long journey, and by no means is it over- does it ever end?- but its finally settling down or at least I feel my life is falling into place. Here’s the main aspects of my life that I have noticed a change in, for the better…

Instead of living in and out of hospital treatment centres, I am at university getting a degree in science. Instead of over-exercising like a maniac, I am finding balance with bikram yoga, running, weight-lifting, and whatever I feel like doing, or not doing – rest days!

Instead of starving my self and putting my body through torture, I have learnt to nourish myself healthfully and am not afraid to treat myself – with what I’m comfortable. So yes, I still avoid certain foods, but mainly because they make me feel like crap and I want to eat food that makes me feel wonderful!

Instead of isolating myself from friends  I am opening up and making new connections. I look forward to spending time with others and am slowly learning how to have fun again.

Instead of looking in the mirror and criticizing myself, I now look in the mirror and love my body- most days- and am thankful & proud of all it’s capabilities. I have no desire to harm it in anyway and take care of it the best I can.

Instead of living in fear, I am content with myself and what the future has in store for me – whatever that may be.

Talk about personal growth.



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