You know its summer time when…

Just the thought of hot coffee, or hot food is anything but appetizing.
Iced -coffee please!

You start sweating the moment walk outside. Or when you step into the hot room.
It was a hot & sweaty ‘I feel like I’m dying but I love it’ class. My favourite.

I can do scorpion in handstand! with the help of a wall.

You go to starbucks to study because they blast the air conditioning.
& yes, I am studying in the summer because I’m taking bio-psychology. It would probably be a bummer for most people to take courses over the summer, but for me it provides me with a sense of purpose. & Β I get a bit ahead in earning my degree. This course is turning out to be really interesting, and probably the best course I’ve taken thus far in university.

so much going on in the brain. you don’t even know.

When do you know its summer?

I wish I could say I’ve been swimming and going to the beach, but that has yet to happen. sad face.
Hopefully soon!
Happy August πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “You know its summer time when…

  1. You commented just when I thought about paying your blog a visit πŸ™‚

    How it fills me with joy to read through your recent posts – you’re an amazing warrior. The journey you’ve taken have been painful, yet also beautiful. You’ve fought your way back to life, back to health and passion. Be proud of yourself. You’re a light in the darkness for other people.

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